"Stock Contractor of the Year"

Twice by the NSPRA

Tim Moore!

For being RS Rodeo's Sponsor of the Year!

About Us

A cowboy friendly Rodeo Producing company and stock contractor located in Arizona founded by contestants that love the sport of rodeo. 2X NSPRA "Stock Contractor of the Year" specializing in Senior Pro and Junior Roughstock rodeos with exceptional family fun rodeo entertainment. From concept to completion, RS RODEO prides itself in being a complete rodeo production partner. RS Rodeo has been the source for top livestock, the best entertainers in the business and a commitment to showcasing the rodeo lifestyle.  Armed with the knowledge gained from a lifetime of rodeo experience including the founding and operating, RS Rodeo, Will and Jake, along with a family of support, they continue to contribute to the growth of the rodeo industry and western heritage by raising superior bucking stock and producing exceptional rodeos around the country.


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Meet the Team

It is our goal at RS RODEO to continue the rich tradition of rodeo featuring top livestock and top contestants, combined with seamless outstanding productions and an eye toward the future of Pro Rodeo.

Will Rogers

Will Rogers, Founder and Production Manager. Will brings family atmosphere to rodeo. You will find his wife Katy behind the chutes flanking bulls or helping their son Cashius get dressed to fight sheep, calves and steers. He is proud and believes that rodeo is a way of life and the tradition will carry down to his son. His knowledge of competing in rodeo for a lifetime provides him the experience and expertise needed to produce outstanding rodeos. Will brings an attitude of professionalism and leadership that makes RS Rodeo one of the most sought after stock contractors in the Senior Pro Rodeo circuit. He is currently the Bull Riding Director for the NSPRA. With his understanding and ability to provide knowledge of production and competition, RS Rodeo events are always top notch. Will takes pride in producing the performance from concept to completion so that every contestant and spectator enjoys the experience and leaves wanting more.

Jake Sporbert

Jake Sporbert, Founder and Livestock Director. Jake is married to his wife Elise and they have two sons, Guy and Shawn. Elise is a veterinarian and can be found chasing their boys around the ranch or checking the health of all the RS Rodeo livestock. Jake is a former rodeo contestant and comes from a long line of rodeo family. He insures that all of the animals provided by RS Rodeo are of the utmost performance livestock in the industry. With proper care and veterinarian team assistance, Jake makes certain that our animals maintain healthy and strong performance levels. Contestants feel confident that the RS Rodeo livestock string is of quality and athletic ability.

Dana Matthews-McNeil

Dana Matthews-McNeil, plays a pivotal role with RS Rodeo. Her skills and expertise continue to bring new excitement to the RS Rodeo brand. Her PR and marketing capabilities cut across all media. You can often find her in front of the camera doing video production or behind the mic announcing rodeo events and singing the National Anthem. Her broad spectrum of entertainment experience and marketing expertise make her a force of professional, entertaining and delightful addition to our production events. Her caring attitude, gift of talent, rodeo heritage and desire has brought RS Rodeo to the forefront in the industry and has given RS Rodeo a first class reputation among contestants, spectators and sponsors alike.

Timothy McNeil

Timothy McNeil, 2020 PSRA 60's World Champion Bull Rider. Tim brings expert skills in keeping the chutes and staff in order and offers support in the arena. He can often be found mentoring and encouraging young kids that want to be involved in rodeo competition. He loves the sport of rodeo and still competes in Senior Pro rodeos across the country. He brings spirit of competition and knows that the future of rodeo is in the heart of our youth competitors. You can find Tim in the chutes, behind the chutes and in front of the chutes making sure that productions run efficiently.

Tayler McNeil

Tayler McNeil, published rodeo photographer for NSPRA, PSRA and 2021 RS Rodeo Photographer of the Year. Tayler brings her professional photography to the arena and captures moments to share at every RS Rodeo production. Her outstanding skill to seek the best action photos makes her a valuable asset to RS Rodeo and competitors. You can find her in the arena with her camera at every rodeo. She comes from a rodeo family and is inspired by the livestock and competitors. Her gift of artistic abilities make her images priceless.

Cashius Rogers

Cashius Rogers, is the 2019 Champion Sheep Fighter and 2020 Champion Calf Fighter. Also, is the team mascot.

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